Furniture repair service for beds, cabinets at home in Da Nang:

Repairing wooden cabinets, repairing wardrobes at home: Repairing natural wooden cabinets such as oak cabinets, oak cabinets, teak cabinets, jasmine cabinets, ironwood cabinets, incense wood cabinets, mahogany cabinets, rosewood cabinets, laminate cabinets, industrial plywood cabinets, … repair wobbly cabinets, repair sagging cabinets, replace rusty cabinet door hinges that cannot be opened and closed, replace sagging drawer rails that are difficult to open and close, replace damp, rotten wood, reinforce or do extra work drawers, replacement and repair of wooden and stainless steel clothes hangers, replacement of broken cabinet locks, replacement of broken cabinet handles, replacement of moldy, termites, etc.

bed repair

Repair bed at home:
Repair termite, sagging bed, fix wobbly bed or fix creaking bed when lying down, replace to strengthen bed more firmly, reinforce wobbly bed, replace part wooden items or new materials WPC plawood wood, PVC FOAM panels that are resistant to water and termites, etc.

Repair of kitchen cabinets:
Repair termite kitchen cabinets, move kitchen cabinets to another direction, replace kitchen cabinet damping hinges, replace sagging kitchen cabinets with new wood, replace kitchen cabinet drawer rails, replace door lift handles bowl drawer, replace the back of the kitchen cabinet with a super durable alutitan material that is resistant to termites, water, etc.

Repair damaged wooden furniture, replace broken table glass Disassemble, transport furniture: Disassemble, transport wardrobe, bed, double-decker bed, sofa table, dining table chair, director’s desk, shelf, bookcase, kitchen cabinet, bar, …

The process of repairing wooden furniture, beds and cabinets at Moc Da Thanh’s house:

  • Receive customer information from phone, email.
  • Staff will come to the customer’s address to survey, advise and quote. (Free of charge)
  • Agree on price and start time.
  • Start implementing work.
  • Customers take over after completing the work.
  • Handover and payment of costs.
  • We always guarantee the commitment to our customers.

Contact Moc Da Thanh:

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